Core module

Create an account, manage access to modules and define roles and privileges.

Register an account

When creating a new account, the first user registering under a company's domain will have admin privileges, enabling them to manage user access to modules and define roles and permissions.

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Each subsequent user who registers from the same domain will have default permissions (role "default"). Admin is able to define permissions for that role.

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Invite clients or freelancers to cooperate with you by entering their e-mail address, sending them an invitation to register.

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Register an account in the Soteam

Manage user access to modules

As an admin you can grant module access to any user by clicking the "access" button. Remember that the monthly cost of using Soteam is determined by the number of users.

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Manage modules in the Soteam

Define roles and privileges

Create as many roles as you need, each with unique names and permissions. After assigning the role to the user, they will have access to all functionalities according to the defined role.


  • keyboard_arrow_rightThe admin will have full access to all privileges
  • keyboard_arrow_right Subsequent users will automatically be assigned the "default" role upon registration.
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Define roles and privilages in the Soteam

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