The monthly fee is determined solely by the number of users.
International and domestic clients can pay through PayPal or bank transfers via invoice.

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Moduł podstawowy Soteam

Core module

Manage users, module access and permissions


per user / month

  • checkManage users
  • checkManage permissions
  • checkManage module access
  • checkManage external user invitations
Moduł zarządzanie projektami Soteam

Projects module

Manage clients, projects, tasks and team schedules


per user / month

  • checkManage clients
  • checkManage projects and teams
  • checkVerify estimated time against actual task realization time
  • checkManage project files
  • checkManage users, schedule and tasks
  • checkShare comments, track priorities and statuses and attach files to each individual task
Moduł social brands Soteam

Social media module

Manage clients, social media and materials publication schedule


per user / month

  • checkManage clients
  • checkManage social media and team
  • checkDefine the publication schedule for each social media account
  • checkManage materials for publication
  • checkShare comments and track statuses for each individual post


We are pleased to offer new clients a one-month free trial. After which time you will be charged according to the price list above. Please contact us, if you will be registering more than 50 users to receive a promotional rate.
Users can only access the optional paid modules that they have been granted access to. However all users have access to the free basic module. Admins can control individual users' access to modules.
To optimize costs, the administrator should grant module access only to users who require it.
Yes, by all means. Just make sure to not grant users access to modules which your company does not require.
At the end of every month the admins will receive an invoice via email, that will state the number of users and modules accessed. This will determine the amount to be charged.
No, a credit card is not required to use Soteam. Settlement is based on invoice, which will be sent to the admin email.
Yes, by all means. This will allow you to optimize the costs of using Soteam. The fee will be charged for the maximum number of users in a month who had access to a module. If you have made a mistake and accidentally granted access to an inappropriate user and you do not want to be charged, please contact as soon as possible.
You can use Soteam both for the needs of the company and the needs of your team. We are still expanding Soteam and adding more modules with features that will create synergies and interactions enabling the most effective cooperation.

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