Projects module

Manage clients, projects and tasks.
Define and monitor the team's work schedule and analyze the profitability of projects.

Manage clients

Add clients to you company's profile. In the future you will also be able to analyze the profitability of these clients.

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Manage clients in the Soteam

Manage projects

Create projects and define tasks for the team.

Input basic project data, time estimates for individual roles and compare estimated time against actual hours.

Manage the members of the project team and control access to the project profile.

Remember that each member of the project team can grant access to other users.

Store important project information such as URLs, test accesses, documents and other non-confidential data necessary for the implementation of the project in the wiki.

Organize defined tasks within the project and track implementation progress.

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Manage projects in the Soteam

Manage tasks and define the schedule of team members

Assign tasks to individual users' schedules along with a time estimate for each task, as well as analyze user availability to assist in scheduling future projects.

Manage tasks and define schedules w Soteam

Monitor progress, follow changes and communicate through the comment system

For each task you can define:

  • keyboard_arrow_rightName and description
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTime estimation
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTask author and assigned user
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPlanned start and end date
  • keyboard_arrow_rightStatus, type and priority

Additional actions:

  • keyboard_arrow_rightAttach files
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTrack implementation progress and receive notifications
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAdd comments and attach files to each task
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