Social media module

Manage the publishing schedule of materials used on social media.
Communicate with the client through a simple comment and status system.

Manage clients

Manage clients and their social media accounts. You can use the same clients you added as part of the project management module.

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Add the client in the Soteam

Manage social media

Create a publishing schedule of materials to be used on social media.

Propose a daily social media post schedule to be approved by your clients.

Define basic social media data such as name or description.

Specify which users will have access to social media data and schedules.

Remember that each member of the social media team can grant access to other users.

Users can choose to receive notifications regarding changes to the publishing schedule.

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Manage brands in the Soteam

Manage materials and communicate with clients

Each social media account has its own schedule of planned material publication. For each planned post you can:

  • keyboard_arrow_rightinclude one or more images
  • keyboard_arrow_rightdefine publishing date, platform, title, content and information for the graphic designer
  • keyboard_arrow_rightuse separate comments system that allows team members to communicate with the client
  • keyboard_arrow_rightmonitor a separate status system to track client approval of scheduled posts
Calendar in the Soteam

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